The Big, the Buxom, and the Beautiful - A Celebration of the Plus Size Figure

These days, we're indoctrinated into thinking that thin is beautiful, and that waifs like Niomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham have the perfect figure.

Yet, history shows that it's actually big girls that men find most attractive. In Medieval times, Renaissance artists celebrated the fuller figure as an object of beauty, particularly if it had an ample tummy or a big bottom; and during WW2, American bomber crews painted beautiful (plus sized) "blonde bombshells" on their aeroplanes for good luck.

Perhaps the greatest celebration of the plus size woman lies in the the great Hollywood era, when busty actresses, such as Jayne Mansfield, were snapped up by studios, more for their buxom features than their acting abilities. Film studios knew then what most men still believe now, that the "hour glass figure", of large breasts and big hips, is the ultimate feminine figure.

Decades after her untimely death, buxom beauty Marylyn Monroe, a definite plus size by today's standards, can still hold her own even against today's Playboy pinups. And who can forget the late, and gloriously plus sized, Diana Dors, still oozing sex appeal at age 49, in Adam Ant's "Prince Charming" video.

So, what are we missing? What is it that makes these plus size women attractive?

The answer is confidence.

Rather than seeing themselves as inferior, these women looked on themselves as positively superior, and regarded their size as an asset, not a hindrance. And why should they not? Perhaps the late great Freddy Mercury was right, maybe "fat bottomed girls" really do make the rocking world go round:

"I've been singing with my band Across the water, across the land, I seen ev'ry blue eyed floozy on the way, hey But their beauty and their style Wear kind of smooth after a while. Take me to them lardy ladies every time!"

British television viewers certainly seem to agree with this. Comedy actress Dawn French is still considered one of Britain's sexiest celebrities, and in 2006, plus size TV presenter, Fearn Britton was voted one of the TV's most desirable women!

So, let's stop worrying about those emaciated, liposuctioned skeletons we see in the glossy magazines. Men are not nearly as fascinated by them as we might think. Rather, we should make the best of what we have, not what we don't have.

If a woman has confidence, big really can be beautiful, but a lack of confidence will kill her sex appeal a lot sooner than any big bum. It's inner beauty that counts, not physical size.

The golden rule is: if you feel attractive, you'll be attractive.

Besides, look at it this way: a woman with big hips and a big bust is already half way to that celebrated "hour glass" figure. Any half decent corset will pull in the rest.