How Women View Penis Size

Women, being women, like to have an opinion on most matters, and the size of their lovers' penis is no different.

Whilst most women would be reluctant to discuss the subject with their partner, they would still have an opinion about his penis, and whether it's adequate for giving her the sexual excitement and satisfaction she needs. In fact women's opinions are one of the major reasons why men think they need a penis enlargement program.

Opinion polls taken on this subject reveal a wide range of points of view. Some polls show that over 80% of women would prefer their partner to have a larger penis, whilst other polls show that penis length is immaterial, and these women prefer 'quality' not 'quantity' in their love-making.

Determining the average penis length can also be a bit of a problem, as there is a wide variation between one survey and another.

One survey of 800 men came to the conclusion that the average penis length is 5.50 inches, whilst the well-known Kinsey Report stated that the average penis length of its respondents was 6.2 inches. However, it's accepted that the median range ( the range covering the largest number of men ) is between 5.75 and 6.25 inches.

So let's have a look at the two different women's perspectives.

Firstly those who say 'I'm happy with what he's got'. These are the women who believe in the dictum 'it's what he does with it', rather than 'size matters'

A woman with this outlook believes that penis length isn't an issue- it's how her partner uses it, and his body, to give her the physical pleasure she wants.

She believes that the quality of sex is much more important, so if her partner can provide her with the ultimate in pleasure, a mind-shattering orgasm, but not necessarily a vaginal orgasm, she's happy and contented.

The second category of women includes those who think that only a bigger than average penis can give her the most pleasure. They believe that the only orgasm worth having is a vaginal orgasm. For these women, size does matter. In fact it's the most important aspect of their relationship.

In a recent survey of women about penis size, over 80% said they wanted a penis that was big enough to satisfy them, suggesting that size to be in the range of 5.75 to 6.25 inches.

But when asked what is the most important aspect of a penis, size came only second.

By far the most important factor to women was penile hygiene - cleanliness, followed by size, then the smoothness of the penile skin, and then an absence of prominent veins.

The question of circumcised partners drew a neutral response - as long as the issue of hygiene was observed.

However, when questioned about length or girth, by far the largest number of respondents said that girth was more significant than length - a thick penis was more likely to excite them than a long one.

So there it is.

When women talk about preferring a larger penis, what they really mean is a thicker, stronger penis. And for those men whose partner is happy with their length, it seems an extra inch or two around the girth would be icing on the cake. Most men, however, would always prefer an extra inch or two in length, if they seriously believed it would make them more sexually appealing to women.

Male vanity perhaps, but if it gave them more confidence in their love-making, helping to create a more relaxed atmosphere, and leading to a situation where intimacy becomes more passionate and enjoyable for both parties, then they should consider taking measures to increase the size of their penis.

In other words, signing up for a penis enlargement program.

And of the methods of penis enlargement on the market, by far the most popular, and the one method that gets the most positive comments, are penis enlarger devices.

These devices have been around since the mid 90s and have undergone severe medical scrutiny. The verdict on them is that they work providing the user follows the instructions. They are a plastic unit that the user attaches to his penis and by gradual incremental stages can extend the penile shaft. They are completely safe to use; can be used where and when it suits the user; are small and unobtrusive inside a man's clothing; can be cleaned with soap and water.

Most of the suppliers selling this product have a reputation for providing a quality product at a reasonable price backed up by first-class after-sales service.