Three Reasons to Get a GED

In America, 39 million adults don't have a high school diploma. As employers demand more education from their workers, jobs get harder to find for adult Americans with no high school diploma or GED. Still, many adults think that high school is behind them. They've already dropped out. One way or another, they're getting by. Why should they go to the trouble to study and get a GED? Here are a few reasons why a GED can help any adult with no high school diploma.
Maybe when you graduated high school, employers didn't necessarily expect a high school diploma. A lot of people got jobs in factories, offices, or other companies without a diploma, and they've stayed in their jobs for years. The trouble comes when you get laid off, the company goes out of business, you get passed up for promotions, or your job doesn't pay enough (or give you enough job satisfaction) for the life you want. Every day, adults are laid off and realize that the job market's changed. Without a GED, getting a new job or promotion can be tough. The GED can open doors to jobs, promotions, and job training.
When your goals are high, a high school diploma isn't enough. The best-paying and often most satisfying jobs require training and education. The GED opens the doors of trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Barack Obama has set a goal for education in the United States, that by the year 2020, America will again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. A higher education is good for the individual, and it's also good for the country. It helps the U.S. compete in the world economy, and it helps America's economy. The GED is the first step for many Americans to participate in that goal.
Most people start on the road to get their GED so that they can get a better job or more education. There's a benefit from earning a GED that many people don't take into account: feeling good about yourself. Too many smart people feel stupid, because they were told they were stupid or because they had problems in school. Too many adults feel left behind because those around them have high school and college diplomas. When adult learners earn a GED, they earn a sense of pride and accomplishment. They learn that they can aim higher than they thought possible. Dropping out of high school doesn't have to close doors permanently in your life. You can earn a GED and show yourself how much you can achieve