Transient Ischemic Attack Facts

People are largely getting affected with cardiovascular problems due to hectic lifestyle, faulty habits of eating and drinking, disturbed sleep, unhealthy living, excessive stress, and continuous neglection towards health can cause trouble with cardiovascular system of the body.

With the improvement in science and technology, we have discovered many diseases that were unknown in the ancient days. Numerous people have faced death due to unawareness and lack of medical facilities. But, in this century, we are flourished with ample of technologies that help us to detect the disease.he recent study has mentioned that Transient Ischemic Attack is similar to a stroke, which last for few minutes. This stroke does not cause any permanent damage to your cardiovascular system or any other organ of the body.

Generally, known as mini stroke in common man's language, TIA - is actually warning sign for future problems. In most of the individuals who suffer from TIA suffer from a major stroke within a year. In such situation, it is important that you don't get impatient and panic. You need to take this problem with positive attitude. Consider this mini stroke as a sign of warning and blessed opportunity. Warning for future major stroke and opportunity- take some strict precautions to prevent from further damage.

Transient Ischemic Attack is caused due to many reasons that are similar to causes of Ischemic attack. Ischemic stroke is the result of blob clot that clogs the supply of blood to your brain. While, in TIA- the obstruction is not major and thus prevents permanent harm. Excessive deposition of cholesterol that is known as plaques atherosclerosis in one of the arteries also leads to stroke. It clogs the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your brain. These plaques reduce the flow of blood via an artery or even form blood clot in the cardiovascular system of the body. Even the shifting of blood clot from heart to brain often leads to TIA.

This disease involves certain risk that might lead to severe complications. Some of the risk factors that might cause Transient Ischemic Attack cannot be changed, while some of them can be controlled.

The individuals having family history of TIA or stroke are generally at greater risk. If you are aged above 55, then you have greater chance of getting affected with TIA. Gender matters in this case- generally men are at higher risk of getting stroke but more of females face death. Black individuals are also at greater risk then that of whites. You can control high blood pressure, smoking cigarettes, Diabetes, high cholesterol, lack of physical activity, obesity, intake of birth control pills, and poor habit of eating. Work on this factors to avoid further severe stroke.