What Luxury Car Brand Suits You?

Take a look around you, especially on the road. You will see a swarm of luxury cars from major car manufacturers gracing the streets. Whether cars have become cheaper or people are earning more money is a different discussion altogether. We are only interested in knowing what modern luxury car brand appeals to what kind of buyer.

Automobile market has been segmented according to buyer preferences. Cars belonging to the same segment will essentially have almost the same features with the only differentiating factor being the family they come from.

Most major car manufacturers represent some buyer perceptions and it is the typical character associated with their brand name that compels the buyer to make a choice between vehicles that have very few differentiating factors.

If we focus on just three of the major car manufacturers, we would realize that they manage to produce similar luxury vehicles in order to cater to the market segments and yet maintain a unique character in those vehicles that is specific to their make and symbolizes their brand.

Arguably the most famous luxury car maker in the world, The Merc as it is affectionately called represents a prime example of German engineering. Being one of the first luxury cars in the world, Mercedes has a unique niche in the automobile world and its name symbolizes classic styling, grand presence and fine-tuned performance. The historical three-pointed Mercedes logo is the stuff most people dream about.

Mercedes maintains a unique character in all of their vehicles. Their vehicles are a blend of luxury, classic design, and attention-to-detail. Some people say that you can recognize a Mercedes from a mile away. Mercedes manufactures vehicles catered to different segments of the market and even while conforming to the requirements of a particular segment their vehicles don't shy away from displaying a character that is so uniquely Mercedes.

The Pundits say that your favorite luxury car is a Mercedes if you prefer stability in life and like to play it safe. That is probably the image Mercedes represents in the market today. People associate class with Mercedes and usually their vehicles are centered on a theme that oozes royalty. Since it is the most established luxury brand with a great reputation, buyers who like to trust the tradition and go with the flow are the ones who prefer a Mercedes.

BMW: These sharp looking double-grilled vehicles have a unique image in the market symbolizing the essence of performance in a vehicle. This is another German brand that is famous world over for cars that feature cutting edge dynamics and impeccable performance with unmatched styling. BMW stresses on performance and joy of driving in their vehicles. Their vehicles symbolize muscle and raw power. BMW styling is unique and what they make today, others make tomorrow. This is one brand preferred by buyers who like trills and love to take risks in life. It is for the aggressors who like to announce themselves when they arrive. Trendy would be the appropriate term for these vehicles as opposed to the classy Merc.

Audi: Although many would argue over the fact that Audi is not in the same league as the two stalwarts listed above, there are facts that suggest that Audi is even overpowering the two traditional rivals in terms of luxury car sales all over the world. Again a German brand, Audi has emerged as the choice of the young and the fearless. People who dare to think beyond established norms are going for the Audi. It is a breakaway from the tradition and that's what these people want. Audi cars are designed exquisitely and they represent the influence of latest technology over traditional machinery. These performance oriented cars are sporty and appeal to the modern buyer who is self-made, competent and confident. Modern ground-breaking styling and technology is probably the hallmark of Audi and they maintain it as their USP.

In my opinion, your choice of a luxury car truly depends on the character you associate with a brand name and its resemblance to that of your own. The opinion of the masses also proves to be a significant influence in your decision. Since there is very little to choose between luxury car models, it is your perception about the brand name that ultimately results in your choice.