Mobile Broadband – 7 Tips To Save You

Mobile broadband has empowered us with the freedom of using the internet on the move. Simply plug in your dongle or connect your MiFi to your laptop, netbook or mobile device and login to internet from anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are at college, the office, at home or even travelling in a car, the power of the internet is available to everyone, any place, any time.

However, before you commit to a mobile broadband contract, make sure you take note of these seven tips that can help you save time and money.

Make sure you try and estimate your data usage per month. This will help you to decide what mobile broadband plan to opt for. Only one plan will be suitable for you from a choice of Pay As You Go, unlimited or limited data monthly data allowance.
Find out about the cellular network coverage in your area. Pop over to the mobile service provider's website and look for the coverage checker. It's no good signing up to a mobile broadband data plan only to find out that you can't connect to the network. Make sure you check the areas where you travel regularly, like your office and home.
Check with the mobile service provider for the ‘per MB' charges that will be applicable to you when you have run out of your monthly data allowance. You don't want to be hit with extortionate charges should you go over your monthly data allowance. If you are travelling abroad, check data roaming charges.
Always look for the refund policy. This can range from 14 to 28 days depending upon the mobile broadband provider. In the event you are not satisfied with the service, you will be able to claim your money back and cancel the contract.
Ask yourself, what devices will I use to connect to the internet with mobile broadband? For example, if you have a PC and an iPad, a MiFi device should be chosen. If you only have an iPad, it would be better to opt for a Micro-SIM. If you want to connect a laptop or PC, a USB dongle would be appropriate.
If you are about to purchase a new laptop, iPod, iPad or a tablet, look out for bundle offers on these devices with mobile broadband. These devices can often be purchased with a mobile broadband contract, significantly reducing the overall cost.
If you choose an unlimited mobile broadband plan, make sure you check out the providers fair usage policy. Unfortunately an "Unlimited" data plan doesn't actually mean unlimited use in the real world and you will be throttled if reaching a specified limit. Make sure you check out the small print before signing up.

Mobile broadband contracts are offered by all of the UK mobile networks, many with tempting free gifts and the promise of unlimited data usage. By ensuring that you look a little deeper into the contract you are signing, you can save both time and money in the long run and ensure you are not stuck with an unusable device.