You May Call It Search Engine Optimisation, We Fondly Know It as SEO, Whatever You like To Call It We LOVE it

A couple of weeks ago Fresh Egg were invited to the ‘Make it into Media’ event, which took place at the fabulous Corn Exchange venue in Brighton, and was organised by Wired Sussex. The event featured media firms from all over Sussex and although it wasn’t an actual jobs fair, it was a place where anybody who wanted a bit of advice about the industry could come and visit and maybe pick up a few contacts and future leads.

The HR manager Annie Marshall and I set up a stand at the event and about midway through the day I took to the stage to give a presentation on how I got into Search Engine Optimisation and to give my advice on the best paths into the industry.

Now we all know that the East Sussex town of Brighton is well known for it’s number of creative and media talent gurus. The energy and absolute enthusiasm that all of the attendees showed blew both myself and Annie away and we were very impressed by their whole attitude. Many of the attendees were youngsters looking to break into the media world, but surprisingly, there were also a number of older industry people, many looking at how to make the transition from print to digital and some just fascinated by the whole new world of ‘new media’.

What stood out for me the most however was just how hungry many of the job seekers were, and how hard they were working to either get a foot in the door or establish themselves in a new media sphere. Almost instantly after the doors were opened, the Fresh Egg stand was swamped by people wanting to learn not only more about our company, but also about Web Design, SEO, digital development and our fantastic new hatchling CallTrackID™ The interest didn’t let up all morning and it was a very constructive day, not only for Fresh Egg, but for everyone else involved in the whole event.