Bathroom Decoration - Some Ideas

A fun and rewarding home project that you could pursue is the design of one room in your home. A good room to start on would be the bathroom. It is usually a smaller room and it has a lot of different themed options available. You should pick items for your bathroom decoration that has the same theme as the rest of the room. It is probably a good idea to start with the larger items to set the mood and then work toward the smaller items. For instance if you were to pick a certain design for the shower curtain, such as seashells, then you would want to keep this same theme trough out the room. A seashell wastebasket and maybe a seashell shaped soap dish would be in order.

This theme could then be continued through the use of some actual seashells set around the room or perhaps a glass container of small shells. Though you may be able to continue with this theme of seashells on a few other items you don't want to overdo it. The blending in of something that is related, such as a general sea theme, would work to give the general feeling to the room without being overpowered by just the seashells. Perhaps some tropical sea pictures or maybe island pictures for the wall would be a nice touch. You could add in a few sea horses or mermaids to compliment the theme.

When you pick the colors for your bathroom you want to maintain that color scheme through out the rest of the decorations in your bathroom. While you can use just about any color that you want you don't want the colors to be jumping from one extreme to the other. Just pick a small range of colors and try to stay with in that scheme. For instance you might pick the bolder colors of red blue and white and add in some grey for a nautical theme. Or for the seashells that we were talking about earlier you may want some tan or peach and maybe some green and gold. For the walls you may want to stick with a solid color or two tones especially if the rest of your theme is composed of a lot of images.

Creating the kids bathroom will be a little bit different that decorating an adults bathroom. Story book and cartoon characters will dominate the items that are available in the stores. If one of these popular characters are the theme that you are after then it will make it easier to find all of the main items that you want. These themed items can usually be bought in a complete collection of items to decorate the bathroom. If you look you can sometimes find these complete collections with a more adult theme to be used in an adult bathroom. These collections could include such things as a bath mat, towels, and wastebasket or even matching window and shower curtains, all following the same theme.