Second Hand Smoke - Fighting Against Environmental Smoking Effects to Help Quit the Smoking Habit

For starters, if second hand smoke continues to be a big problem for you, especially if it's from the people in your neighborhood, you can relocate. It may seem a bit harsh, but it is real; in any case, if you actually had some other disease or infection that was already killing you, and the doctor suggested that you moved out to some other areas where the environmental risk factors are reduced, you will not hesitate.

Well, although it is not a sure fact that you will die or catch a disease as long as you continue breathing in ETS, you may regard it in the same light. You could try relocating to an area of the country where the risks are reduced. You have got to agree with me that that makes a lot of sense.

Well actually, the above is a bit of a chicken approach to dealing with the ETS problem; even if the alternative is not directly attacking the people around you who are smoking. However, you can attack the smoking problem head on by becoming something of an anti-smoking activist.

Start small, if you like. Begin in your own home and insist that no one ever smokes in there; move on to your immediate surroundings and ensure you never eat in a diner where smoking is allowed. Move on to advocating that smoking be banned in the apartment complex you live in, and then set the neighborhood on the boys in the street corners.

After that, you now get to move on to the big time. If you like, you can campaign for a public office, or better still, you can draw close to someone who does. As soon as you have the power to do so, start to push to stop tobacco processing companies from polluting the environment with their products.

A breakthrough some years back has greatly reduced their ability to perform, but you can push it all the way through. The final stop smoking victory may not be won in your time, but you would have set the pace for your children to live a healthier life than you did.