Regrow Hair Products - Learn What Really Works

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to regrow your hair? Thanks to new medical developments, there are several regrow hair products on the market today that enable people to regrow lost hair if they are balding.

Finasteride is a prescription hair loss product, but it is not covered by insurance and can cost upwards of $100 a month. They also have many undesirable side effects, and only about a third of those who use the product actually find it to be a useful form of baldness prevention.

Minoxidil is yet another prescription hair loss product. However, there are products which use this FDA approved active ingredient which are non prescription and can be purchased anywhere. Provillus is a popular hair loss product that contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil based products like Provillus have been shown to be especially effective in both the frontal areas of the scalp and the vertex area in treating hair loss. If you want to start regrowing hair, take a look at our Provillus Review.

Saw Palmetto Extract
By most accounts, this is a home based remedy of sorts. It's hard to say whether this is effective. While there have been success stories, its reliability is unknown at best.

Hair Transplants
Hair transplants involve surgical removal of hair in a non thinning area and relocation to a bald or balding area. Reviews have been mixed, and sometimes this can lead to unpleasing results. You should consult your doctor for more information on this form of baldness treatment.

Laser Treatment
A fairly new form of baldness treatment involves a device that projects light energy from 30 positions, hitting 600 places on your scalp. Results have been mixed and this is a relatively expensive procedure.