Pear Jeans - Working With Your Pear Shape to Find the Best Fitting Jeans

In your wardrobe jeans are the most used piece of clothing, so finding the just right pear jeans that fits your body perfectly is of the utmost importance. For the full figured women, the quest can be daunting.

When refering to the Pear Shape it is where the weight is carried in the hips, thighs, and rear, it may also be called "bottom heavy" with more weight being carried in the lower region instead of the stomach, arms and chest. The top of the body is built leaner with the hips larger than the chest and shoulders areas.

When dressing the pear shaped women need to create an illusion of porportion with your clothes. The eye needs to focus on the waist and chest area and away from the hips and bottom. When finding the perfect pear jeans for the pear shape you want legs to look longer and leaner and make the hips and thighs appear smaller.

The pear jeans that looks the best on the pear shaped body is the boot cut, wide leg and straight leg styled jean. With the way these jeans are cut they make the hips and thighs seem slimmer and draws the attention to the waist area to show and hourglass figure. Jean that are tapered at the bottom known as "skinny jeans" should be avoided at any cost. The style will make your hips, bottom and thigh are appear larger. The straight leg and slim cut always makes better pear jeans. A hipster jean is great if your stomach is flat and these jeans waistband is right at the hip.

Make sure to proceed with caution here. The waistband should not cut into the skin at your hip. This will push any extra fat and skin over the waistband and will make ugly bluges. This is called the "muffintop" and you need to stay away from this look. Jeans that look faded around the hip and thigh area shoud also not be bought. The eye will be brought to the areas that have been faded and instead of appearing smaller the effect will be to look larger. A dark jean is a better option for pear jeans, look for colors like black or even indigo. Your legs will look slimmer when you choose a darker color.

I cannot forget about the stretch jean. Wearing a fitted jean can be a good option if you are plus sized, but it does not make for good pear jeans on the pear shaped body. The stretch jean will cling to your body and be tight around your lower half. When wearing a tight jean it will make your curves look larger what is what we are trying not to do. The hips thighs and rear will look larger when wearing stretch jeans. The optimum pear jeans will not hug your rear and hips but rest gently against them.