Penis Size

One common concern that many men have regards the size of their penis. They worry that it is too short, too thin or just too small. Measurement of a penis's dimensions is best done several times to account for many factors that may alter the measurements, such as the time of day, temperature and arousal level. The length of the penis should be measured from the base to the tip. For the most accurate results, the male should be standing and the penis should be measured parallel to the floor. Girth should be measured with a fully erect penis and is usually the average of the base, middle and end of the penis. The average human penis is between 5.1 and 5.9 inches in length, though the "normal" range is between 4.3 and 7.5 inches. The average girth is around 5 inches. Most penises will reach their full size about 5 years after puberty, and penis size has not been found to decrease with age.

Two things should be noted concerning penis size. First, not every sexual partner desires a very large penis. In some cases, large genitals can be intimidating and painful. Secondly, for many, it is the girth of the penis, not the length, that is important. Regardless, all men should realize that when looking down at their own penis, they are at a disadvantage. Because of the angle of viewing, a man's penis will always look smaller from an overhead view, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

There is no evidence that penis sizes vary depending on race or height. However, there are some interesting facts about erections when compared to the size of the organ while flaccid. Smaller penises will have an increase in size of approximately 100 percent when erect, whereas medium-sized flaccid penises grow approximately 75 percent during erection. As a result, most erect penises are approximately the same in length, regardless of their size when flaccid.

While there are many procedures and treatments offered to increase the size of a penis, there are many drawbacks. Most pills and patches that are purported to increase penis size have very little documented evidence that they work. While there are also surgeries available, these can be dangerous and have complications, including impotence. Exercises designed to enlarge the penis are of dubious value, as are suction devices.