Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

If you've found this article, I have to assume that you're trying to conceive and have definite opinions about whether you want a baby boy or a baby girl. Modern technology has made gender selection very possible. However, this article will not focus on choosing your baby's sex in a clinical or sterile environment. Instead, I'll discuss how you can greatly increase the odds of getting the gender you want using natural methods at home.

Understanding The Differences Between Sperm That Produces A Boy Or A Girl: A man's sperm contains chromosomes (X and Y) which will, depending upon which fertilizes the egg first, result in the birth of either a baby girl or baby boy. Both have different characteristics which it's important that you understand.

The girl producing sperm (X) are very strong and hardy, but are slower moving.

The sperm that produces a boy (Y) are weaker, but much faster.

Therefore, depending on whether you want to conceive a boy or a girl, you can manipulate several different variables to greatly increase your odds of achieving this goal.

Timing Conception (and Predicting Ovulation) For A Boy Or Girl: One important thing you can do to chose the sex of your baby is conceive during a specific time in your fertility cycle based on the gender that you want.

For a girl, you should conceive well before (about three days prior to) ovulation. This is because the girl sperm can survive for this long period of time while the boy sperm can not.

For a boy, you'll want to conceive no earlier than the day of ovulation. This will give the girl sperm time to begin dying off and will ensure there are plenty of fast, viable boy sperm in the vaginal tract ready to race for the egg.

Obviously, you need to know exactly when you ovulate. There are many ways moms -to- be can predict this, but I believe the easiest, most reliable way is using a saliva ovulation predictor. They are reusable, very accurate, and inexpensive. (Saliva is so reliable it is used for DNA testing.)

Changing Your Acidity To Get A Girl (Higher PH) Or Boy (Lower PH): The acidity and PH of your vaginal tract is very important in choosing the sex of your baby. A highly acidic environment will greatly favor girls as these surroundings are too hostile for boy producing sperm. You'll need an alkaline PH to conceive a boy. It helps to know your PH going in to this process. You can test this easily with vaginal PH testing strips.

Once you know where you fall, you can raise or lower your PH by either avoiding or consuming certain foods (an acidic diet for a girl, an alkaline diet for a boy) and / or by douching with specialty solutions based on how much you need to alter. Clinics sell these food lists and douches depending on your PH, but there are resources that allow you to replicate these results at home.

Positions To Influence Your Baby's Gender: Hopefully, I've already established how you can create a friendly environment for the specific sperm (boy or girl / X or Y) that you're trying to deliver to the egg. Another way to do this is by using sexual intercourse positions that make the trip to the cervix longer or shorter. If you're trying to conceive a girl, you want to make the trip longer (since the girl producing sperm can survive this), so you'd use shallow penetration. If you want a boy baby, you'd go with deep penetration to give the weak boy sperm a short, safe trip to the egg.